De Van Kinby
About 20 years a go a little after noon on a normal day a lone horse with what seemed to be a half dead young elf came walking towards the town.  Both animal and elf look worse for wear.  The elves clothes and items where a little odd.  Marking him out as someone that had once lived a long long way away from the village.  He had a little water with him but seemed to have run out of food.

For a few days he was out of it from the heat and limited water and food he been on.

Once he came round he seemed to have limited memory of who he was or how he become to be alone in the waist lands.  He was clearly young and not a full elven adult.  No clear answer could be worked out as to who De Van Kinby was.  Sometimes it is just best not to ask to many questions as the answers you get may not make sense.

The village was not sure what to do with De Van Kinby.  However the boy had a nature if a bit odd that was very friendly.  De Van Kinby has a knack with animals and some basic healing skills.  He quickly fitted into the roll of looking after and guarding the goats.
When not doing this to earn his bed, water and food he was playing with the local children.

De Van Kinby stand good 6'2 tall.  He clearly a High elf but never seem act like one.
His hair is long and blond almost white.  His eyes are clear light blue.
He owns a horse, saddle, mitral armor, long sword and bow (although it currently out of arrows).
All of which seem to be of some style nobody ever seen before.  He is also clearly left handed.

The elf is friendly and helpful.  However his mood shifts like sand going from silly and funny to sad and back within seconds.
Someday he just stands and looks out away from the setting sun with such somber look it would sober anybody up.

His main job in the village is to look after the goats which he enjoys.