Mike Bison
Bic razor bald but with a great big bushy brown beard kept to exactly 12.5 inches below the chin, Mike represents strict military decorum. He is prone to smile and cover it with a scowl. Humor is not lost on him, he just doesn't think you're funny. What's funny is when someone thinks they can break the rules.

He wears highly decorated scale mail covered in medals that represent some sort of unexplained accolade that seems most definitely made up and not important. A longsword, shortsword, shield and light crossbow merely encourage law abiding, but are not considered law enforcement.

Law enforcement happens to be the large leather bound book he carries, in which is a page for every citizen, recording their tax accounts and records of wrongs.

He often wears cloth gloves and a mask over his nose and mouth to protect him from your germs, and to protect you from his germs. Although the very concept of germs is not widely accepted, he preaches it faithfully.