Description: Hyrcanus is often not what one would expect from the Marshal of House Maccabee. A strikingly handsome man in his late thirties with an easy smile, bright eyes and a sun kissed complexion from long days out of doors.

His shoulder length blond hair, full beard and relaxed demeanor do little to convey the authority of his position or the dignity of his House. That being said, his rough hands, muscular physique and general bearing do convey an aura of rough and ready competency.

General Knowledge: Hycanus is far removed from the lines of succession despite bearing the Maccabee name. As a "lesser" scion of an unimportant branch he lacked the influence to hold any real sway in House affairs, but had the freedom to walk his own path.

He used this freedom from an early age to advocate for, and then to take an active hand, in the protection and conversation of Caladan's natural beauty and resources.

Over ten years in the field serving in a field enforcement capacity, he earned a solid reputation with many of the more remote regions that had historically been overlooked by House officials. He took an active hand in front line leadership and had a penchant for recruiting officers already well loved by their communities and possessing a deep local knowledge.

It was after these ten years, mostly spend combatting poaching incursions and local criminal matters, that Hycanus was slowly "brought back into the fold", and held a serious of successively more important positions in larger urban centers before being groomed for the position of Marshal.

The transition has been rough, and it soon became obvious that his talents were better suited to trekking through the wilderness or piloting an ornithopter rather than budget allocation or committee meetings. Still, his management is no worse than many of the House Maccabee's previous Marshal's, and his personal charm has ensured that he has remained fairly popular despite his shortcomings.