Count Hasimir Fenring
Count Hasimir Fenring is the closest confidant of Emperor Shaddam IV. In addition to being a distant cousin, he was his only real childhood friend and the two developed a genuine friendship through their years of plots and assassinations – it is rumored that Fenring was the one who was responsible for the previous emperor’s death by poisoning – that no other individual enjoys an equal degree of trust from the Emperor.

Fenring and his Bene Gesserit wife, Lady Margot, have been regular features of the Imperial Court with the exception of the Count’s arrival at unexpected places as the Emperor’s eyes, ears, and messenger. He was the Imperial Observer on Arrakis during the Harkonnen transition to the Atreides and with the elimination of the latter Great House, has been appointed as Siridar-Absentia of Caladan with responsibility to select a suitable replacement to the Atreides.


A genetic eunuch, he is a small and unassuming man with a ferret-like face, overly large dark eyes, and wings of gray at his temples in his thinning dark hair. He has a stammer and other verbal tics which make him frustrating in conversation, and for those not aware of his full reputation as a deadly assassin, he is easily underestimated. The Baron Harkonnen once described Fenring as a “killer with the manners of a rabbit.”