Nondescript in appearance, attired as any scholar, the compact man doesn't stand out. Till someone asks his name, and he starts to talk.
"Call me Hatfield McCoy. Cain't never tell yer real name, 'cause thays a pow'r in names. You'uns jest have to kip on wondren. I cain't tell ya ma dad's neither, everwun I knew jest called him 'dad'. My ma's name was Lavinia, 'less that was just what she'd tole dad to call her. She knew 'bout the pow'r in names, 'cause she taught me."
"Ya won't be able ta ax 'em, neither. Thay's not of this world. I'm thinkin' 'twas about five or six shifts back I reckoned our little cabin was beyond tracin'. So I made ma home here."