Steel Dragon
A bit shorter than average and slimmer in build, Jesse DiAngelo is an obvious mutoid, though not necessarily recognized as human.  His skin is covered in iton gray scales (lighter, aluminum gray in places like his chest and abdomen, inside of legs and arms, palms of his hands and soles of his feet), with short spikes running along the top and back of his head in two ridges that begin at just above the middle of each eye.  His deepset eyes appear normal with brown irises, despite one being a realistic-looking multi-optic cybernetic implant.  He seems to always have an unlit, partial cigar held between his leathery lips.  When he smiles, which is not often, he reveals wicked-looking sharp teeth.

He is most often seen in camouflage field uniform appropriate to the terrain, with an odd patch on each shoulder, beneath a velcro-closed flap:
However, he does have a nice, matte black, double-breasted suit cut in the Italian style, with a black shirt, a white and black checkered vest, shiny oxfords with rubber soles , and a blue power tie with red and white diagonal pinstripes and a simple silver clasp, as well as two sets of casual clothes (tee-shirt, sweat shirt, jeans, undergarments, shoes, leather jackets, caps with the Wild Weasel patch on