Luci Borlace
Name: Luci Borlace
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant, Free Quebec Army
Designation: Glitter Girl Pilot, Military Cultural Liaison
MA: 20
PB: 20

Standing at five seven and with an extremely agile and athletic build, Luci was the sort of person destine to be on a military recruitment poster, shoulder length red auburn hair tied back neatly, perfect military poise and striking features that would often find and easy smile on them.  In speech her accent was not local to the area, those that had an ear for such things would peg it as from Free Quebec.

When in street cloths the military feel remains, often in fatigue bottoms, unadorned t-shirts, army boots and light jacket on the back is printed an anthropomorphic female fox in a pin-up style pose.  Without the jacket a very similar tattoo graces the right upper arm with a scrolling banner stating, 'QGB Vixens Forever'.  If armed then that is with a vibro-saber on her hip.

In times more dangerous she is clad in a custom northern forest camo painted heavy armour, those that can identify it is as set of QRBA-10, standard issue to troops of Free Quebec, the helmet signifying a Glitter Boy pilot.  A laser rifle make up the armament carried along side the sword.

Virtually everyone is familiar with the appearance Glitter Boy power armour suit, this one is somewhat different however, a foot shorted that standard with a sleeker distinctly feminine appearance, as well as lacking the classic Boom Gun in favour of something shorted with two barrels (though still significantly long weapon).  This variant also sports a pair of mini missile canisters on the opposite shoulder and a mini missile rack protrudes from the back.  Fastened to the back plate is a vibro-sword sized for the nine and a half foot tall power suit.  Finally over from shoulders and back a silted ghillie cloak hangs in forest camouflage, to match the paint job over the usual glistening chrome so well known for the Glitter Boy.