Appearance: Fair skin darkened from hours spent under the sun. Typically has his dark brown hair in the classic military “high and tight” cut but during lengthy field exercises he lets it grow out, at least on the top. Dark chestnut eyes. When off duty, he prefers to wear a comfortable pair of jeans, t-shirt that more often than not has a military or military related logo on it, and black cross trainer shoes. When on duty, he dresses as appropriate for the task at hand however typical field ops sees him in non-full environmental body armor, carrying his field pack and weapons.

Roberto Dominguez Rivera AKA Riv, is a former 1st Lieutenant in the Lazlo Defense Force. A Combat Mage by MOS, he is fairly typical of the breed; an infantry soldier first and spell caster second. He really doesn't concern himself with the deeper theories of magic. He focuses on practical, tactical applications.

Disposition: Riv is an open book. Despite having learned the fine art of diplomacy during his time in the LDF, he believes in keeping things simple, direct and honest, as much as possible. He understands sometimes that just isn't possible or the best strategy but its what he prefers. With those he has formed friendships with, he enjoys cracking jokes.