Age: mid/late 20’s
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Weight: 157 pounds
Bust: 34B
Waist: 28
Hips: 36
MA: 20
PB: 14 (15 w/make up)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (hair implants)

Disposition: Quiet and reserved. (more to come as I RP the character).

Background: Kateri grew up in Lazlo, and more specifically in a brothel. Her mother was the brothel’s ‘freak’ whore for those who wanted the services of a female psi-stalker, or psi-stalkers who only wanted the services of a psi-stalker whore. As a young girl growing up Kateri mostly did housekeeping, cooking and sometimes ran the cash register at the brothel. At the age of 13, and when certain feminine features were becoming noticeable, Kateri’s mother was killed in an altercation with a customer. Although said customer was subsequently killed by the brothels bouncer, Kateri was still an orphan. The owner of the brothel who barley tolerated the young psi-stalker girl only because her mother raked in a lot of revenue gave Kateri a choice, replace her mother or leave.

Having already decided she did not want to spend her life working on her back, Kateri chose to leave and spent a few months living on the streets of Lazlo before joining a small traveling merc band as its ‘supernatural sniffer’. While with the merc band Kateri learned the ways of a mercenary for hire. She was eventually kicked out of the group at the age of 16 when one of the men decided to rape Kateri. During the altercation the man ended up losing those specific parts that made him a man...

Thus Kateri has spent the last several years hiring herself out a soldier for hire who has the added benefit of being a Psi-Stalker. During this time, she has acquired some skill and ability. She has also had hair implants in her skull so as to look a little bit more feminine.

Appearance: When in a somewhat safe environment like a town or city where she can relax Kateri will wear a simple tan or forest green jump suit, both of these are a knock of version of the Triax jumpsuit.

In the field, Kateri wears a suit of olive drab Bushman Composite environmental battle armor, with a load bearing harness worn over it. The armor itself appears to have been painted several times and where the olive drab has flaked off one can see that that armors has been painted white and also tan before. In a holster on her right thigh is a Wilk's 320 laser pistol, and in a holster on her left thigh is a NG-11S sawed off shotgun. The left front of the thigh has a pair of pouches each containing a smoke grenade. Across her waist are ammo pouches with both long and short E-clips. On each hip is a vibro knife. Each calf also holds a vibro knife. The chest of her armor does not accentuate Kateri's gender and holds a pair of ammo pouches each containing long e-clips, and across those pouches is a bandoleer with shotgun shells. slung across her back or held in her hands is an older Coalition C-12 Laser Rifle.

When needing to carry out more stealthy operation or when hunting for subsistence, Kateri will remove her armor to reveal that underneath is a skin tight black suit with a balaclava/hood. If on a mission she she will wear her load bearing harness over after quickly adjusting it.

As a mode of conveyance Kateri operates a beat up NG-300 Speedster Hovercycle "hatchback" that has a cargo compartment behind the rider. The hover cycle is painted in a tri-color camouflage pattern of Forrest green, Black and Dark Brown. The wear and tear on the vehicle is very noticeable with the front headlight being busted, the wind shield is cracked, along with a number of dents, pockmarks and scorch marks all over the hovercycle.