Hero Name: Harbinger
Real Name: Chloe Donovan

Look: Woman, white, Haunted face, streamlined clothing, high-tech costume

Abilities: Superhuman intelligence, futuristic gadgets and implants.

Moment of Truth: Everything you do could affect the future. For all you know, saving that one guy means that now the future is full of pterodactyls. The ripples are always so hard to track, and you’re not sure if
you’ve helped or hurt—not really. Until now. In this moment, it’s all clear. You can see the course of events laid out before you like a river, and you know exactly what you have to do to ensure the future outcome you want. Of course, after this, you’ve changed enough of the timeline to invalidate your prior research—reset all the names in your “Connecting the dots” section.

Team Moves:
When you confess to a teammate the difference between what you thought they would be and what they really are, add a Team to the pool, and ask them if you represent a future they’d want.
If they say yes, mark potential. If they say no, mark a condition.

When you share a tale of future loss with someone, ask them if they think you have the ability to avert that loss. If they believe you do, mark potential and give them Influence over you. If they don’t, mark Guilty and shift one Label up and one Label down (your choice). If Guilty is already marked mark another condition, GM’s choice.

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Advances used:

Danger 0
Freak 0
Savior +2
Superior +2
Mundane -1

Afraid [ ], Angry [ ], Guilty [ ], Hopeless [ ], Insecure [ ]


How did you travel from the future to the present day?

"World's gone bad, when I come from. World War happened again, everything's wrecked, and even with my superhuman intelligence, I'm barely scraping by, salvaging scraps from ruins and such. It's not an easy job. Killed Kate, my best friend. Laser drones in someone's abandoned lair. Prewar supervillains weren't playing around.

I was investigating some old villain's lab, super science type, called themselves... I don't remember, The Designer? Maker? Archetype? Something like that. Anyway, I came across an old database, still intact, with some prototype equipment. Scanned through the database, identified the Temporal Translocation Modulator, did some calculations, sketched out a plan to make everything better by making sure it never go so bad to begin with... and then forgot to design the shielding that would have prevented the temporal radiation from burning holes in my mind. Oops. Kate always said I had a bad habit of flipping the switch without thinking about what it does."

What keeps you from returning to the future?
"First trip fried the circuitry, and even if my mind wasn't too scrambled to fix it and prevent a return trip from frying the circuits again, battery technology just isn't at the level it needs to be before I could generate enough power for another jump. Second, there's nothing left for me in the future. Kate's dead, I've got no other friends, if I hadn't found the time machine, it was going to be a long, slow slide into terminal addiction and a tragic end for me. Here, I can make a difference. And if I make enough of a difference, maybe Kate won't be dead when and if I get back. Maybe I can still save her."

Why are your memories and knowledge of the future scrambled?
"Turns out that temporal travel in unnatural directions releases a lot of chronitons and tachyons at very particular wavelengths that have the entirely foreseeable side-effect of damaging the specific portions of the brain associated with memory and data retention. If you've done the work and run the numbers, you probably know about the radiation ahead of time, and effective shielding is easier to construct than the time machine itself, so it's not usually an issue, unless you are, for example, in an emotionally vulnerable state, not paying attention, cutting corners, working off of fragments of someone else's work and using someone else's technology that you don't entirely understand."

What is the most important part of your future that you want to avert?
"Heroic thing to say would be the war. But that's not it. What I want to prevent is Kate's death. Kate was my best friend, we were as close as sisters. Closer, even. When she died, protecting me from the consequences of my own stupid, stupid decisions, it broke me. I had nothing left. This, the chance to change the future until we don't have to pick through ruins to get by, to change the future enough that Kate never has to die, that we never have to be separated... that's what I'm here for."

Why must you join this team specifically to achieve your mission's goals?
"I can't remember. Chroniton radiation, remember? But there had to be something, because that's how I set the device. Anywhere in the world, anywhere in time, I could have started from, and I thought here and now was important. I thought it was vital that I find myself entangled with this team. I may not be winnning any cognition contests in the near future, but I remember how smart I was, who I was, before the radiation put holes in my brain. I trust that girl's judgement. If she thought this team was important, they must be important."

Leech turns away from the hero’s path, according to your history books. You have to prevent that from happening.

You’ve always idolized Argo, but it’s too awkward to admit it to them now that you’ve met them in real life. Keep it cool, keep it cool.


Have Influence Over: Argo, Leech
Under Influence From: Argo, Leech, Reverie, Ironheart


I learned the solution in grade school

You haven't learned you can do that yet.

Connecting The Dots