Born on the floating city, Sideways, so aptly named for his unusual characteristics amongst his peers, was never one for mechanisms and cogs. His heart lay with the trees, the very corners of the city that remained un-touched by his people. It was this that led him to a great temple buried by rock. Entering the temple, he found a set of armour and a sword, dusty and ancient yet nae a piece of rust to be found.

Donning this armour, he took up an oath to what ever order mustíve existed before his time that he would use this armour to protect those who could not themselves. Unfortunately for him the previous owner clearly had more in the way of height and thus, it was many gruelling years of training before he was able to operate inside.

With this he set out to fulfil his oath, unfortunately for him again, nothing happens in his city and this misdemeanours were all that kept him active. This was however until the monsters showed up. With a wide grin, he set about cleaving these fiends in half, slashing his way through the hordes until coming upon an imposing figure. At this moment he felt his body stiffen and turn cold, his skin turning grey and hard until he felt nothing.

The next thing he knew, he was regaining feeling. He fell to his knees and looked around to find no one around him. Daze and confused, he set off to try and find out what had happened. On his search he came to realise that more time mightíve past than he felt. Coming to terms with what this meant, he suddenly heard the sounds of fighting in the distance. Steeling himself, he rushed over yo the sound, ready to draw his sword and unknowingly to him, start his new life.