Leoir Cruthu
In the distance upon the street bazaar you see a man cloaked in what seems like raven feathers. His outfit rather curious as it seems designed to both conceal and to stand out. As his buisness with the jewelry stall owner concludes he seems to turn and look directly at you, but surely this is just your imagination? Yet he walks towards you, not simply in your direction but directly towards your exact spot. His face hidden behind what appears to be carved birch mask adorned with antlers and painted in a way that both feels like it is laughing at your expense and laughing in jest against the same joke. Your hair stands on end as you realize the man has closed the distance. How long have you been daydreaming for him to cross this busy street? You look at your shoulder to notice the hand that shook you back to your senses, but something is off. You feel the gentle touch of an old friend and yet the boney fingers digging into you with a piercing chill makes you want to run. Finally drawing your eyes from his hand back to his mask you cant help but notice the deep blackness that seems to hide everything about this man. Its almost as if the mask isnt the only thing concealing the man's features, in fact perhaps the mask was never intended to hide anything at all. As you continue to do nothing except observe every curious detail about the man he seems to suddenly remove his hand and pass by. Standing there bewildered for a few moments before you decide to return home after a fairly jarring yet in some ways pleasent encounter. Though when you return home you realize that despite being the master thief of the towns guilds, your own coin purse is now missing.