Torstein Svanir
Torstein is a tall High Man with a powerful build. Typically clean-shaven, he is of fair complexion with short blond hair and blue eyes. He wears humble, but sturdy traveling clothes, over which is layered chainmail and a tabard of black with a crimson cup on the chest.

His body bears many scars, but the most impressive is an 'X' shaped scar where each arm runs from shoulder to opposite hip.

Soft-spoken and kind, Torstein is a man of quiet faith. He does not proselytize. It is his choice to live by a hard code of conduct, and while it is not always easy he cleaves to it as best he may.

Torstein's troubled youth was frought with violence. He was delivered from it when he was taken in by a group of religious warriors known as the Order of the Red Cup. The brothers of the order educated Torstein and taught him  their ways - exercizes of the mind and body to bring both into harmony. They instilled him with their faith and theology, venerating the Source and taking inspiration from the Martyr.

Since taking his vows and becoming an Acolyte of the Order, Torstein had wandered the land, righting what wrongs he may and opposing evil where he found it.