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01:23, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Logresia Skrieven

Prince of Shadows +2 positive:  Logresia is rarely stealthy unless she absolutely has to but there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Sometimes, amid the songs and battle cries, the explosions and thunder, there is another kind of stealth, the way of the confidence trickster.  For all that she is noisy, she has the blessing of the Prince of ShadowsShe has long dark hair and a smile like autumn.  A smile that mulls wine and turns blood into ice.  She carries her oudh wherever she goes and something else as well. That something makes a loud bang and flashes brightly.Lich King +1 Negative:  Logresia tries to avoid being a hero.  This is something she usually leaves to other people, but every now and then, she rescues a soul from certain death, sometimes from the grasping claws of the lich king himself.  Perhaps she has done this one time too many.