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01:25, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Jobol Harguld

Jobal Harguld can only generously be described as a Gnome. Scrawny, disfigured and lopsided with a noticeable hunchback that nevertheless doesn't seem to slow him down, he makes no effort to improve the image of a scruffy and thoroughly unpleasant individual. He spits, he picks his nose, he swears and curses and is generally stubborn and rude, if not downright offensive. That is of course, except in the presence of the one he serves, when he is subservient, obedient and deferent. At least to their face.

He is rarely seen without the dirty and threadbare rust red robe he wears over smelly boiled and oily leathers. Concealed within this voluminous garment lie a plethora of wicked sharp things and the various tools of his nefarious trade. He carries a carved totem staff, topped with a pig skull and festooned with various tokens, fetishes and mementos that rattle ominously when he walks, leaning heavily on it for support he might not actually need.