Name: Meilin
Age: 32
Height(kitsune form): 6'6"
Height(human form): 5'5"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Class Sorceres

Description: Meilin is a shapeshifting Kitsune.
In her kitsune form she stands a bit over a feet taller then in her human form. Covered in white fur, with a slightly darker grey'ish tone to the fur on the outside of her arms and legs and over her back.

In her human form her red eyes persist, as well as a somewhat narrow almost vulpine esque face, with sharp featues, sharp angled eyes and a small cute nose.

Shapeshifting; Meilin can freely shift between her Kitsune(natural) and human appearance, though if she is in her human form anything that shakes her hard enough mentally can cause a laps in her focus, causing features of her Kitsune form to bleed through for a moment(a tail, ears, nose getting fox like).
Divine Blessed Sorceres; Meilin possesess great magical talent and potential.


Meilin has/had a normal life, finished studies had a job, girlfriend and all seemed well.. Was looking for a home with said girlfriend, but it all came crashing down when she caught her girlfriend cheating on her with her now former best friend(a guy) and colleague... Cue some screaming matches, yelling and the break up had some serious fall out.. Friend circles where destroyed.. TBD quit her job, moved across town to a cheap(and shitty) apartment and turned to video gaming to cope with the stress of her life somewhat falling apart.

Found a old game at a thrift shop, seemed interesting to her and after starting it up at home, she got sucked into the game and woke up as the character she had made for herself. She decided then and there to leave her old life behind and adopted the name she gave her character, Meilin as her own.

Personality: wise:
Is a slight bit of a nympho(aka has a seriously high sex drive) but not so extreme she couldn't maintain something of a social life. Bit of a slut. Nerdy, bit goofy and silly at times, sometimes a bit of a klutz. Extremely caring of friends and family(which is why the betrayal of her ex girlfriend and best friend hurt her so much.)