Skawn Vrei
Skawn Vrei is a poster child for the adage "we are all punished for our good deeds".  Born of a slave mother, identified early as a prodigy by a infatuated patron, educated in the best medical schools, Skawn was the Twi'lek who was supposed to make it . . . or at least make it out.  Instead, when asked to cover up a wealthy customer's misdeeds, he did the right thing, to the wrong person.  He lost his license, his reputation, and his future, and gained a resigned pragmatism, covering a simmering resentment.

Skawn has survived, since his fall, by selling his skills to whomever can pay; usually that means criminals.  Sometimes he treats injuries best hidden from the authorities.  Sometimes he acts as a "biochemical consultant".  As long as he gets paid, he doesn't ask too many questions.  Under his hard shell of cynicism, he's retained a few lingering principles.  He doesn't harm those under his care, he does what he can to survive, and he does what he's paid to do.  Regret is only one of many luxuries, and he's interested in a life that samples as many as can be found.