Carrmar Ta
Race: Cathar
Gender: Male
Height: 2.05m
Weight: 132kg
Age: 67
Callsign: "Old Cat"

Carrmar Ta is an old Cathar but still physically impressive as he is still towering and finely muscled even if his fur is turning to gray. Of particular note is the augmatic covering most of his left face replacing an eye and an ear. As he has embraced the ways of the Cathar clans his whole life he appears much like a savage to others, carrying fetishes and trinket-filled braids woven in his fur and mane. That is not to say he is a stranger to the galaxy and the benefits of civilization. His weapons are a potent electrostaff and an exceptional custom-made lightbow bearing the Jedi crest that seems out of tone with the rest of his equipment in patterning and theme.