Like all of her species, Kayrrerl towers over the majority of other sentient species of the galaxy. Combined with this great height is a musculature that is known to tear the arms off opponents when they lose games of chance. But despite this hulking body, Kayrrerl has a dexterous grace that belies her great size. Said fingers are often stained with the internal fluids of all manner of vehicles, which gives a hint to her skill as a pilot, and her comfort with the machinery of ships. Her woodland brown fur has been pleated around her neck and head to form what she considers to be rather pleasing braids. Beneath her simple green stola, the young Wookiee has a utility bandoleer slung over her body, which she uses to hold the various tools and weapons that she is required to use during her very active lifestyle.

First and foremost, Kayrrerl is a survivor. Which is not to say that she is cold, or withdrawn. Simply that when push comes to shove, she will take whatever action is necessary to preserve her life and see another day. But that ruthlessness is offset by the natural sympathetic and empathetic disposition of Wookiees. Despite the harsh upbringing that she experienced, Kayrrerl still feels deeply for others. Perhaps a bit too dearly at times, for her survival instincts often brush up against her anger at perceived injustice. She is more likely to help a bazaar merchant against extorting thugs than is probably healthy, but it is simply who she is.

Which isn't to say that Kayrrerl is some bleeding heart crusader for good. Quite the opposite in fact. She is unabashedly a rebel. She feels no personal shame or guilt about this fact. Indeed, she takes great pride in her abilities. But hers is a world of smuggling contraband past Imperial blockades, and ambushing routine patrols. That sort of "victimless" crime has always given her a sense of security in her own moral convictions. Intertwined with her pride in her piloting skills is a great love and appreciation for starships. Everything about them fascinates this odd Wookiee. because to her, traveling the stars represents total and complete freedom. Perhaps the only she's every known.