Usha Sare
Usha is a hot tempered, hard drinking, brawling young woman from the Outer Rim with a dozen scars and a story behind them all. She's attractive enough with her dyed platinum hair, pale blue eyes and healthy appearance but she'd stick out a mile even if someone talked her into wearing a dress - Usha is a pirate to the marrow. She is rarely seen without a vibroblade and a blaster in her possession.

One of the few survivors of Darokin's Deathrunners, a famed pirate fleet that targeted Hutts, slavers and of course the Empire Usha has fallen in with the Rebel Alliance since the destruction of her old gang at the hands of an Imperial taskforce around the time of the Battle of Yavin. The transition hasn't been entirely smooth - Usha has a rough and ready sense of honour and hates the Empire, but she's still a fiercely independent buccaneer at heart and expects a future filled with credits.

Still she does like the camaraderie her new friends provide - not to mention the danger!