Andrea Juneau
Andrea Juneau (Andy to her closest friends and parents).  Andrea grew up on the family farm about 3 hours from the big city.  It was here she learned to shoot, change the oil on her car, bake a delicious cake and overall fend for herself and hold her own in organizational skills.  With homework, chores, extracurriculars and family obligations to juggle, Andrea grew quite good at arranging not only her own, but the lives of others and this skill is what eventually led her to her current position as the personal assistant to the DA, a job that she has held for the past 3 years.  She knows the DA's lunch and meeting preferences, when she has spin class scheduled, what kind of gifts need to be purchased for the DA's husband on their anniversary and children on their birthdays. She also knows the name of every employee at the DOJ building where the DA's office is located (at least those who have worked there more than three months) and keeps a birthday database to send cards for the DA, but they always receive one from her personally as well.

Andrea is 29 and lives in an apartment with her younger sister Kat who is a senior at the University. She doesn't have a steady boyfriend, but her striking looks and social skills don't leave her lacking for prospects. She's just so busy she doesn't take the time.  In addition to work, dinners with her sister and calling home, she's taking online classes to qualify for the BAR to become a lawyer.

Andrea is 5'7" with long blonde hair and has heterochromia; one of her eyes is bright blue, the other a toffee brown.  She's slender and usually wears very professional clothing, classic jewelry and a bit of a heel.  (Has the striking looks merit-two points)