Bob Miller
Bob Miller is in his early fifties and on a downward slide so far as career goes. In his heyday, he's broken some major cases. Enough that he was Detective 1st Grade in Major Case until the "incident," which saw four dead, one catatonic and no leads as to the perpetrator. They believed it was a serial killer but when the killer left the last alive, it seemed to signal a new MO before dormancy set in. Gold became fools gold and Bob's star was no longer on the ascent. There was also an incident in Organized Crime that drew scrutiny. Everyone came up dirty on a gang case except for Bob, which still made him suspect. The two awkward career moves were enough to bust him down to Detective 3rd Class and he's been there ever since.

He has piercing blue eyes when they're not rheumy with booze. He keeps in shape by running and hitting a punching bag. He still believes in old school justice. He needs another purpose because the law seems to be failing him and he might just find it.