Satiah is the bastard daughter of the Stygian High Priest of the city of Karnath and his Kothic pleasure slave. As such, she has the raven black hair of the Stygian highborn but the paler skin and green eyes of the Koths. She is a slender woman of 19, boasting a beauty has has brought many a great lord to his knees, and an iron will that bends to no man or demon. Satiah dresses in wispy white silks and abundant jewelry, the most prominent pieces being a golden snake around her left thigh and a silver one as her right armband.

Her constant rebelliousness and scandalous flings caused her father to entrust the Temple of Set with her education, to make a decent and pious lady of her. This backfired spectacularly when Satiah seduced the high priests charged with her education, not just making a mockery of their zeal but also managing to extract arcane secrets from them in exchange for her favours.

To put an end to this scandal, she has been promised in marriage to the Khorajan general Arminius. She is sent north to marry him, with the entourage of her cousins Amunet and Neferet, who is going to marry Prince Satabus of Khoraja...


When Satabus' army is betrayed and routed by the allied Akbitanan and Shumiran armies, Satiah joins the mercenaries Donal, Brenna and Khons and leads them to find Neferet. On the way they rescue her other cousin Amunet from deserters, find General Arminius who dies of his wounds shortly, heal Prince Satabus and defeat the ghouls that were about to sacrifice Neferet to their god Mortiggian.

All of them reach Khoraja, where Satabus marries Neferet and rewards all of them. Satiah becomes the guest of Hanud, Arminius' nephew, who immediately tries to seduce her.


Two weeks later, Satabus sends Satiah on a mission to find and escort back an old man in the Turan shores. Hanud joins them, and Satiah brings along her new Turanian slave, Zehra.

One night on the way, the convoy is attacked by a werewolf and a mysterious black tower appears. The master of the tower refuses to answer her questions and sends his beasts after Satiah's people.