There's no mistaking Teerka for anything but a kobold, even though some of her traits tend toward the unusual among her species. Then again, there's plenty of room for variation in a race that's a mashup of small humanoids, reptiles, and distant draconic ancestors. Teerka takes after a white dragon in some respects, for example: despite standing less than three feet tall she has mottled and in some places pearlescent white scales, as well as intense, pale blue eyes. She also has pronounced, curled horns that emerge diagonally from her head. Unlike a true reptile, Teerka also draws on the "humanoid" side of "reptilian humanoid" in some ways. Her ear flaps aren't seen in most reptiles, nor are her pronounced bust and feminine figure, emphasized all the more by her diminutive height.

While Teerka has no family or native Breachill kobold community, she's found a spot for herself in the community's outskirts in both a physical and social sense. While many of the tallfolk residents find her delusions of grandeur and superiority annoying on a personal level, she's a harmless and law-abiding citizen who makes her living as a hunter. She supports herself by trading meat and fur with the town's merchants and other residents. She's known as a trapsmith and thus should presumably hold a fairly high status in a kobold society somewhere, but doesn't talk about the reason for her solitude amongst her own people. She can be seen on Breechill's streets with some regularity, usually riding the large cave lizard she keeps as a companion and mount. Apart from the local goblins, who Teerka has more of a mutual regard with, she only gets so much respect in town - she's been turned away from previous efforts to join in Breachill's Call for Heroes events, to her great annoyance. She has a strong desire to prove to the world that she's just as great as she claims.