Aya Oua

Aya OŘa [Aye-a oh-oo-ah] spent her childhood as a slave in a large circus troupe that travelled around Infernal Cheliax. She was one of the acrobats and dancers who performed between the gladiatorial combats, the animal fights, and the tortures and executions. Off-stage she also had to cook and clean and wash, and whatever else she was told to do. It was a tough life; the diabolical masters were very strict and demanding, but still she somehow managed to keep a spark of happiness within herself.

When she was about 12, a travelling monk recognised her Sylph nature and her strong, though fading, spirit. He decided to steal her from her diabolical masters and save her from her infernal fate. He whisked her away to the Monastery of the Unfolding Winds, located far to the south in the Impossible Kingdom of Jalmeray. There she become a monk, and she spent the next decade learning how to master her mind and body.

It was still a strict life, but it was paradise compared to her childhood. She loved the physical training and the competitions, and the mental and esoteric training opened up her mind in unimaginable ways.

At first she strictly obeyed the rules, but over time she discovered that the she could break the rules as long as she did it with a good heart. She began sneaking away every month or so to go to the capitol, Niswan, and explore its colourful bazaars and climb its many-tiered pagodas.

Now that she has completed her basic training, she has been sent to the town of Breachill to offer her help. She has a sneaking suspicion that the elders of the monastery have a reason for sending her there, but she has no idea why. She doesn't mind. She figure it will all be revealed in good time. Or not. It doesn't matter.