Julieta Barrios
Julieta Barrios was often called "Lince" as a nickname growing up, and it is easy to see why. She is not the tallest example of Human women, but she makes up for it by being a fierce little bugger. A strict regimen of exercise and Marine training has given her a body covered in lithe, athletic muscle.  To the point that even in her uniform, it is clear that she has an impressive figure.

Her skin is blessed with the kiss of the sun, despite growing up on a world where she never saw natural sunlight, and she has gotten compliments on her complexion in many bars around the galaxy. In conjunction with the beauty mark on her left cheek, genetics has seen fit to bless Julieta with a not unpleasing visage, to put it mildly. And she knows it too. While she is not a vain person, Julieta has been known to attempt to use wiles during missions in the past.

While she is a very by the book kind of soldier, the one deviation from the expected that Julieta has indulged in is a peculiar cut to her lovely dark black hair. She intentionally crops it very short on the left side of her head, for a reason that only she knows. Many have gotten the impression that it is more than a simple fashion choice.

If there was one defining personality trait of Julieta Barrios, it would be her unwavering focus and discipline. But a close second to these desirable traits would be her dry wit, that she indulges in more than she probably should. How this impacts her performance as an soldier usually manifests itself as her carrying out her duty with unyielding tenacity, all the while making comments that would more than likely raise a few eyebrows at United Americas Allied Command.

It has been noted in Julieta's psych profiles that she possesses an uncommon aptitude for adaptive problem solving. She often surprises her superiors with her suggestions if asked. Outside the box thinking, as it were. Which is not to say that she totally forgoes tried and true methods, simply that she does not feel constrained by them. Julieta's father has often joked that before his daughter retires, they are probably going to name half a dozen new entry maneuvers after her.

Though some would assume that she is simply engaging in an activity required by her ranks and position, physical fitness and martial arts training are actually Julieta's favorite downtime activity. She finds freedom in the exertion, and peace in the discipline of learning. The one area of her life that is not bound by duty and discipline is her love life. Julieta loves fiercely when she chooses a partner. In her mind, she makes a clear distinction between a partner, and a lover. One is to share the soul, and possibly marry one day. A lover is someone to pass a pleasant evening with. In her life, she has had three great loves, all of which affected her deeply. She bears the scars and joys of those relationships still.

Julieta is also a huge animal lover. But only for companionship, otherwise she might have entered a very different career. She is always gathering strays and finding them new homes. At the moment, she has a beautiful Macaw Parrot in her home barracks named Santino.</tt>