Valeria da Silva
//// USMC FILE 097836478 -- DA SILVA, VALERIA ////
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5'3''
RANK: 2d Lieutenant (USASF Pilot)
DOB: 13-01-2162, Bracken's World (Gliese 326-3287, Borodino Sector)
FAMILY: Younger of four siblings. Father GILBERTO, owner of the kelp trawler Tucumán, filed for bankruptcy in 2177. Mother JACINTA, divorced and remarried offworld.
PRE-OP HISTORY: Working as mechanic on the Tucumán until it was sold for scrap in 2177. Swimming instructor (Bracken's World, 2178), capoeira dancer (Joilet Moon Mining Facility, 2179), ship mechanic (Joilet spaceport, 2180). Acquitted of charges of shoplifting (2178), pickpocketing (2179) and conspiracy to commit fraud (2180).
OPERATIVE HISTORY: Enroled in the USCMC 2180, qualified as pilot 2182, deployed to [REDACTED], promoted to Second Lieutenant. Deployed to the Borderline Region aboard USS Aquila inn 2184, diverted to Gamma Leporis C2.
PSY PROFILE: Qualified pilot, mechanic and markswoman, with a penchant for recklessness.