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18:45, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Catriona Campbell

19 year old full sister to Magnus is a quiet beauty.  She is yet to be given to a man for his wife.  A virgin but not in the true sense of the word.  Under death threats to any who would defile her.  No her evil brother kept her chase so she would be a ‘gift’ to any man he decides to give her to.

She has had men pleasure her and she made to pleasure them in front of her brother.  Thus she knows how to bring a man completely off without her virginity popped!  Men have used every part of her just shy of breaching that point which would ruin her for his purposes, well almost be a ruin.

She knows not to defy her brother for he has many ways of torture which he takes pleasure in and she kowtows to his every wish.  Her brother sees men as warriors and his sister and any other woman as an object to be used.

She pities the McKenzie girl for she will do whatever he feels like whenever he feels like and not love and respect her.  He’ll keep her bearing his spawn and keep her alive as a threat to her clan to obey his commands.