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10:10, 26th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Dr. Allen J. Lewis

He has several modifications. A magnifying eye that can see microscopically. His right index finger has a miniscule set of forceps that retract below his skin he uses those in medical procedures. Likewise, his right has a micro obsidian bladed scalpel that extends and retracts as needed. He has a made these enhancements nearly flawlessly so as they cannot be noticed other than his eye, he often wears a patch for that reason. He thinks man and machine together can create the perfect life specimen.
     He was a brilliant surgeon who secretly wanted more. He could see patterns of life happening the other doctors just couldn’t see. He began doing secret experiments and tests on cadavers and even terminal patients. He was caught and fired and was to be criminally charged when the Technocratic Union stepped in and faked his death – as long as he would work for them. It was not an offer any sane man would refuse. Since then, he’s been perfecting Techno/Bio connections.