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Strider is a halfling and specialty priest of the halfling god Urogalan. He worries himself with death and the dead and making sure those who return to the earth do not rise again. He was born in Lurian and raised by a paladin father and a druidess mother, so he had a large love for justice and nature. Once he went by another name but when orcs raided the small village his family was trying to help, and were killed along with many others. He put that name away, and chose the name Strider instead, he now travels the realms where orcs are at their worst to lend help, to comfort those who have also lost those they love, and yes to hunt orcs that caused such devastation in his young life.

ClassSpecialty PriestLevel1stDeityUrogalan
AlignmentL.NHairDusty BloneEyesBlue-green

Strider is tall for a halfling but short for most other races, he dresses in chainmail and carries a mace. A full sleeved cloak with a hood rests over his shoulders almost always tossed back so he can enjoy the weather. His face is round and boyish, like most of his kin. He has a quick small and compassionate eyes. There is wisdom in his blue-green eyes that experience loss can bring. He is not quiet as portly as most halflings, and wears worn boots, that lace up.

Even though he has experienced terrible loss, in his whole family he has grown with it. He has taken it as a learning experience once he processed his grief with the aid of his faith, and the temple folk. He is now very empathic and caring he reaches out to those who need aid, and those who have suffered grievous losses. He spends much of his time in places where orcs attack, just to have the chance to save others from what he as a boy could not save his own parents from. Strider, will some day take back up his former name but that will only be after the orc chief that raided the town he had been in is killed, preferably by his own hand. To deliver justice to so many who never got it.

He is usually calm and compassionate and level headed as well. He understands the world and his place in it, which is a big thing he thinks for someone so small.