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Nailo Strongbow

Nailo is an assumed name she uses when she is among humans and those whom would not be able to properly pronounce her elven name. She is the daughter of House Startree, and she is the heir to her house in Evermeet. She has chosen to stay on the mainland rather than travel to Evermeet, which he views as a mistake of her people. To withdraw means you are only bringing yourself to a stagnation. It was apparent in the age of children there and so she left home with the desire to do better for those that still remained and those who mattered to her.

She joined up with the group that her father was once a member of. Her father is Rithruaian Startree, she uses the name Strongbow, to cover her family name as well. To make a name for herself rather than depend on that of her family. Nailo is a dressed in elven style clothing and carries a longsword and bow. Which often distracts from her more magical nature.

NameAnalionestri StartreeRaceMoon ElfAlignNG
Eyessilver with gold flecks