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Hengist is tall for a Dwarf, and broad shouldered like most of his kin. He has light brown hair, nearly red, which he keeps cut short except for his well-maintained beard. He was raised in the Dalelands by his clan, who left the Stormhorn Mountains several generations back to work as mercenaries. Hengist has followed in the footsteps of his parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

Dressed in a suit of splint armor over a padded jack, Hengist carries a pair of axes (one battle, one hand), a short bow, and a shield. He wears a tabard over his armor with his family crest, an axe and hammer crossed over a frothing tankard.

When not on hire to an army or guard force, and not adventuring, he makes his living as an armorer. He also has a keen interest in heraldry, and often studies an old book of noble house crests and emblems when he has free time. He is boisterous and sometimes rude in his speech, but he has a good heart and always tries to look out for those who need protection. He can't stand bullying. He makes an effort never to lie, as his reputation and honor depend on people's ability to trust him.

Character Details Appearance 
RaceShield DwarfHeight4'4"
ClassFighter (Axe for Hire)Weight156 lbs
AlignmentNeutral GoodHairLight Brown
DeityMarthammor DuinGenderMale