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Dodson Irwin

Basics: Dodson Irwin, male, 28 years old

Background Story: Dodson was a man with a promising future, his whole life mapped out ahead of him. He graduated high school at the top of his class, just as he had intended. He was accepted into his top choice of college without ever having to consider other options. His childhood best friend, Ryan, followed him to college, and the two were roommates. It was the perfect set up.

The two friends spent years living and studying together, both of them pursuing medical degrees, but something went wrong only a few months before they were meant to graduate from med school. Dodson awoke one night to the sound of Ryan struggling to breathe in his sleep, or so he thought. Flicking on the lamp on his nightstand, Dodson found his friend huddled in a corner. He was drenched in sweat, making a horrible, chattering, growling sound, and as Ryan slowly turned his head to stare back at Dodson, his eyes were an unnatural, burning orange, and his skin had turned an ashen gray.

Ryan had attacked Dodson that night. Had leapt across the room like some wild animal pouncing on its prey. Dodson somehow managed to fight it off, or at least to survive the assault. He remains convinced that Ryan truly was his friend, and that is perhaps what saved him, as the creature abandoned the fight abruptly, crashing through their window on the fourth floor of the dorms and fleeing into the night. Dodson ended up with two fractured ribs, a broken arm, and a dislocated shoulder, but he lived. Ryan, unfortunately, did not. His body was found six miles away three days later, clothes tattered and torn, curled up in a fetal position with eyes wide with horror.

Dodson still doesn't know what happened, what that thing that attacked him was. Had Ryan always been a monster? Had he fought off his violent urges until at last he couldn't anymore? Or had something happened to him after they moved away for school? Research into what little details Dodson had consumed his life for months. His grades suffered, and he nearly dropped out of his classes. His inquiries caught someone's attention, however, and the day he was meant to move out of the dorms, two agents appeared unannounced at his door with a job offer.

Personality & Motivations: Dodson is generally a friendly person. He remembers what it is like to live a life ignorant of the strange things that walk among humans, and desperately wants to protect that for other people if he can. He has a great deal of respect for his colleagues, if for no other reason than they offer him a chance to learn the truth about what happened to his friend. But despite his good-natured demeanor, Dodson remains suspicious of pretty much anyone he meets. Ryan was his closest friend twenty years, and in one night, everything changed and Ryan damn near killed him. To fully and completely trust anyone seems like inviting such a fate again, and what are the odds he would be lucky enough to live through another ambush?

People and Groups: Dodson's parents are still a significant part of his life, even if they know little about it lately. For the sake of keeping up appearances, Dodson't superiors allowed (or perhaps insisted) that he complete his degree. It would be easier to avoid suspicion of the straight-A student didn't suddenly drop out of school. His parents believe that he is currently completing his residency at a prestigious hospital, which explains why he is so "busy" all the time. Dodson is encouraged to keep in touch with them semi-regularly so they don't ask too many questions, though never in person, and always via a protected line.

There is also Corbin Newton, one of Dodson's fellow med students. Corbin had become friends with Dodson and Ryan both, and the three had arranged a weekly study session together, as well as weekly outtings for dinner and drinks. Dodson had called Corbin the night of the attack, and Corbin had discretely treated Dodson's wounds. Dodson had told Corbin everything, and while it of course took some persuading for him to believe such a story, Corbin is convinced Dodson was telling the truth. Dodson has no illusions that the agency doesn't know about Corbin, or that he has some general awareness of what's really out there, though they seem to have left Corbin alone thus far. Dodson is even allowed to see Corbin on a regular basis, in person no less, though he of course isn't allowed to discuss details of his work openly.