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Sigrid Wildstride

Sigrid Wildstride
Age: 18
Height: 6’0
Weight: none of your business
Hair: Red
Skin: White, Tanned

Sigrid is the daughter of a blacksmith, and is, herself, apprenticed to him.  Sigrid has always been headstrong, sometimes to the point of fault, but she has a good heart.  Sigrid’s fiery temperament led her to take up the blacksmith’s hammer, rather than following in her mother’s herbalist footsteps.  Sigrid has three siblings, all younger brothers.  Growing up, Sigrid acted as a “little general” for her brothers, leading them into all sorts of imaginary battles.

When Sigrid was still very young, and around the time of the birth of her first brother, it was discovered that Sigrid had an innate magical ability, especially for summoning magical creatures.  One of those creatures became a permanent partner for Sigrid.  The odd creature at first appeared to be a small, ordinary dog, however, it could speak and did not disappear after a few minutes, as most of her other summoned creatures did.  The creature called itself Rascal.  The two were immediately connected in a deeper way than any could understand, and over the years have become inseparable.  Wherever Sigrid goes, Rascal is sure to be nearby.

Over the last months, the increasingly opressive restrictions of the local government have had an effect on Sigrid, as with many of the other youth in the city.  Her headstrong personality, and spite for the government pulled her quickly into a group of young “rebels,” who have begun attempting to thwart the government and its officials.  To date their actions have only been, at best, minor annoyances, but with each week their courage and capabilities grow.

Sigrid had planned to continue with the group until one of her best friends disappeared mysteriously.  She managed to track him out of her home town, and all the way to the city of Kintargo.  She has been searching for him for weeks to no avail.  As she continues to seek for her friend, Sigrid has already begun to join in the local “rebels” of Kintargo, who, suffering under similar oppression as in her own home, have also formed a local resistance.