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Ginnis Bach

Ginnis Bach. First name chosen by his mother and the last held over from his father... His father. A father that has gone missing since martial law took over.

Ginnis grew up in an Alchemist's lab. Both his parent's dabbled, or more than dabbled, in it. A few years ago the potions and brews they made created too much a pull for him to resist. They drank some of them from time to time and always seemed the better for it. One morning, when his parents were both out doing 'who knows what', Ginnis took the key that was poorly hidden from under a loose floorboard, and along with his younger sister, Geneave, he unlocked the door to the laboratory and found the formulae logs and saw the potions just sitting there. He read the logs, his curiosity growing and his intrigue consumed him. He took one of the flasks. Agility was scribed on the label in his father's messy script. Why not? He thought. He took the flask and drank down the cool, bubbly, liquid until there was none left. He felt funny, but he loved the funny feeling. His sister said she would tell on him and left the room in a hurry.

The brew, since not his own, had a strange long term effect on him. He enjoyed the effects of being a bit more nimble than all his friends though, and ever since then, his parents could not keep him out of their lab, and after the initial shock of his intrusion, they welcomed him in to the family practice.

Ginnis knew that his parents dealt with 'shady' people. These people would show up late at night and talk in whispers. Sometimes only his father was with them, or only his mother, or sometime both, but they always retreated to the Alchemist lab that was in the cellar of the, upper-middle class, home. Ginnis marveled at how important his folks seemed to be and he then started dreaming of, one day, he himself being powerful in the city, like he believed them to be. In Ginnis' mind, the secrecy, with the late night meetings, must mean that his parents were doing very important work.

On Ginnis' 18th birthday, his father pulled him into the lab, for what Ginnis thought was another lesson, but instead his father said, "Ginnis, I know you have spied on your mother and me in the late of the night. You must know, now, what we have been doing. Freedom fighters from the Silver Ravens have been coming by and we have been supplying their movement against House Thrune. Recently, there has been a shift of power and..."he paused in thought before he chose his next words, "things are getting... dangerous. If anything happens to your mother or me and we are not here to take care of your sister, you need to go to Aria Park and meet somebody I trust. I cannot risk saying his name, but in a weeks time, he will be at a protest at Aria Park. He will be wearing one black glove on his right hand"

Ginnis pried for more information, not from curiosity, but from worry. He had never heard his dad sound scared before. That night, he was exhausted and fell asleep soundly. When the moon was high and Ginnis deep into his dreams of grandeur and being a spy, he was suddenly awoken by a huge bang and a scream. It took more than a moment for Ginnis to fully awake and understand what was going on. From downstairs, he heard loud, commanding voices.

"Octaivial Bach!"boomed the voice, "You are being detained for conspiring against the empire!" The gasps from Ginnis' mother and sister could be heard. No protest from his father happened and when Ginnis finally made it down the stairs, he was just able to glimpse his father being escorted out of the house in handcuffs by two, very large, Dottari.

Ginnis jumped the rest of the steps down and started for the door, tears of rage and other emotion flowed from his eyes. About at the door, that is when his mother caught him and Ginnis lost all his strength and conviction. He looked at her emotionally broken face and then he saw his sister crumpled in a corner, sobbing. That was the last night Ginnis was able to sleep naturally, without the help from some of his mothers potions.

Everyday, for a week, Ginnis, or his mother, made the trip to the Holding House to see if there was any news on Octaivial. Everyday, for a week, they were shunned away without an answer.

Presently. Ginnis, sleep deprived and feeling that this regime had to be removed from power as fast as possible, found himself preparing to go to Aria Park to look for the man with the black mono-gloved hand his dad had for-told of not even one week prior. Ginnis did not want to search alone. He neither had the fortitude and the clearness of mind. He wondered down the street, in the Red Roofed neighborhood, to his long time friends home, Sebastian.

Ginnis held little hope that his father was still alive, but if he was, Ginnis was sure he did not have much time left on this planet and this mysterious man was his only chance to, maybe, find out what happened.