Infithe Versalain
You see before you a young woman, perhaps twenty or twenty-two years of age.  Her hair is red and very curly, while her eyes are dark green, and surrounded by smooth, silky skin, making her appear healthy and carefree.  She looks like she never worries.  At all.  About anything.

The skin of her face is almost pale, and covered by numerous freckles, and it is clear that if she spends a lot of time outdoors it is with a hood up or during the night.

She is not a big woman, perhaps a little under average height, and her frame could best be described as "curvy".

Her clothing and armour are simple; homespun cloth (in browns, russets, and greens) and leather, except for her chemise, that shows forth at her modest but evident cleavage, which appears to be made of some finer material.

The only touch of what might be termed "luxury" about her is in her loop earrings, which at least appears to be worth more than anything else she is carrying or wearing, yellow in colour.  At her left side is a shortsword, on the other a dagger.

If she speaks, her voice is soprano, and her manners are often rather frivolous.

She often smiles, as well as laughs, especially when her long and nimble fingers are performing some simple conjuring trick for the entertainment of a crippled child who looks enough like her to be her younger sister.