Sularius Avariel
Sularius a'Chossum, also called Avariel, stands an imposing, by elf standards, 5'8" tall.  While the bulk and tone of his muscles seem more appropriate for a battle-hardened human warrior, the grace and precision of his movements leave no doubt of his elven heritage.

Sularius wears his long amber hair loose while in the wild or adventuring, though he has been known to knot it when the social occasion requires.  His violet eyes seems to study the motions of everything around him, much as the eyes of the hawk study the movement of his prey.  On his right forearm is an intricate tatoo of a beautiful elven longsword with white angelic wings extending from the blade.

While adventuring, Sularius wears finely crafted chain mail armor and a shield with the Chossum clan crest emblazoned on the front.  His weapons of choice are a sword with the traditional Chossum clan hilt, a gift from his mother, and a huntsman's short bow.