• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
O T H E R W O R L D S  -  A Time for Heroes

Helm glowered at Athena. "Well there must be some heroes left ?!!"

"'fraid not," the warrior-goddess smiled sweetly. "What with Iuz, Vecna, Strahd and all the rest, seems every hero worth their runesword has got their hands full.  There's just nobody available."

"Not thtrictly true," mused Thoth, a smile quirking the edge of his beak. "Ath they thay, there'th one born every minute ..."

Juibilex gurbled and bubbled in what passed for a laugh for the slime-god.  One of the Valkyries swore and moved to another table, muttering under her breath.

The Dwarffather Moradin clapped his gauntleted hands together in delight, knocking over his pint. "Newbies !" he exclaimed, winking at Tlazolteotl, "Just starting out on the 'heroic path' !  Oh, they're always good for a laugh ..."

"Just so," Arioch agreed. "Now, whose round is it ?"