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ADnD 2nd - The Adventurers' Lounge

I developed the Adventurers' Lounge to account for players who want to join in on adventures but do not necessarily want to make long term commitments.

This is run like any normal AD&D 2nd Edition game.  The idea is that I pitch short adventures at the lounge through NPC's, and any interested players who want to join in can jump in and have an adventure.  Those who want a break can pass on the opportunity.  Ideally, adventures will start and finish in 2 months or less (real time), and several adventures may be going on simultaneously.

This also gives those who just want a one time stint in this universe to have a quick adventure and drop out of sight after, or who want to play more than one character.  Or you can take a break from gaming for whatever period of time you choose and then drop a note at the lounge to let us know you're ready for a new adventure.

Obviously, continued activity in the story line is best for continuity of your understanding of the developing world (not to mention development of your character), but I will keep a running summary of events to keep people up to date.

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The Crusaders' Lounge is an innocuous looking place named after the now defunct Inquest Crusaders originally commissioned by the Baron Lord Faulbane.  However, after the orcs took over the land, this inn and restaurant was built as a sort of refuge for the other races.  It is also the place where inclandestine operations against the orcs and other oppressive factions are often instigated, and it is rumored that the rebel group Shadow Dawn runs many operations from the Crusaders' Lounge.


Glad you asked.

World Chronology:
BI = Before Orc Imperium
AI = After Orc Imperium

Prior to 5 BI:
The world of Tienna was in a delicate balance.  The human Krussak Kingdom kept a peace.  Dwarves to the north and elves to the west kept their distance.  Orcs and goblins to the east were on a cold truce.  But something was being planned.

Brotherhoods, secret combinations, an alliance to overthrow the peace and freedom lovers to make way for a new reign.

And a clandestine search was on for the 24 planarial artifacts as prophecied in the Xren Codex and Allevian Annals.

5 BI:
Although magics had been tame and scant for a millenium, the ley lines crossed, creating a powerful center of energy in the Valley of Mist.  Ashe, a mage working for the human king, built his tower there.  His experiments unwittingly opened a gateway to another planet, one from which the magic emanates:  Allevia.  Magic is again released into the world, paving the way for the rise of mages.  And at their source, dragons are also released.  A great red dragon.  Luckily, he summoned magic to contain the dragon in the center of his tower.

With the portals opened and magic released, other dragons slip through as well, attacking in the northern dwarven mountains and southeastern halfling villages.

4 BI:
A group of servants of the Lord Faulbane on the borderland of Krussak Kingdom stumbled across an alliance of duergar and derro infiltrators as they tried to pry one of these artifacts from a wizard and extract further knowledge from the Xren Codex.  The altercation that followed led to the open war breaking the cold balance of peace.

Many blamed Faulbane's Inquest Crusaders for the onset of the war.  Others said it was inevitable.

3 BI:
The open war continues, taking down most of the dwarven remnants and driving them into the mountains.  The elves remain neutral to the west.

The human king sends forces north to help the dwarves.  This begins open war against the human kingdom as well.

The Inquest Crusaders travel to the Valley of Mist to see what has happened to Ashe.  The mage has disappeared to Allevia, warning of a time of gathering.

"From the moon and the stars, the sun," is the saying.  It is the "son" who will make the choice that will bring good or ill down upon the world.  The artifacts will be gathered and evil will rein if the artifacts are not recovered first.

2 BI:
King Thulash, the orc ruler, leads his troops into battle against the humans.  With trolls, kobolds, and goblins as allies, and with secret advisors, he wages a successful campaign, taking the northern stronghold.

His allies grow stronger, his connections deeper.  King Thulash gathers his troops and prepares for the final annihilation of the humans and the elves.

Faulbane's city is burned to the ground, its people enslaved or murdered.

1 BI:
The goblin kingdom of Kurshyk grows in power.  With no need for its forces in the west, the goblins create a nearly impassable barricade for the humans to escape to the desert westlands.

The halfling kingdom of Halbitt has fallen under the tyranny of an intelligent and wicked dragon.  Any humans, elves or dwarves traveling there are summarily executed or enslaved and sent to Thulash Kingdom.

The humans try to escape through the narrow Savage Lands to the south, but most are killed.  Other humans try to escape across the western ocean, but they find that Dollaeron, tyrant of the southern human kingdom, has joined in alliance with the orcs.  The humans are slaughtered or enslaved.  Dollaeron takes control of the western shores, preventing escape.  He has dark counsels and secret connections.

0 BI:
Having conquered the human and dwarven kingdoms, King Thulash establishes the Consulate Imperium, with himself installed as first ruler.

The orcs have amassed power, wealth, and connections.  Their slave driven resources have boosted their military and command powers.  They press west into the elven kingdom of Leslorlen.  The elves flee to their trees and put up what resistance they can, but they are conquered within a year.

Rumors speak of dark coalitions guiding the hand of King Thulash.  Others believe the artifacts have been gathered and that the chosen one, the "son," is being raised by one of these dark groups to make the final choice in their best interest.

1 AI:
Pockets of humans have fled to the trees and central areas of what was once Krussak Kingdom.  Portals to Allevia are rumored to exist, and humans try to escape as they can.  Others claim that the human king is still alive and amassing an army for a grand counterattack once the orc armies have spread themselves out too thinly.

2 AI:
Elves are also trying to flee to Allevia.  Their trees and forests are not safe, and their king is finally captured and slain by an orc general.

Lord Faulbane is captured from his hiding place.  King Thulash has him taken to the capitol, Ki'shak, a terrible play on words for what was once Krussak's capitol city.  Faulbane is imprisoned and tortured as the orcs try to extract information from him.

3 AI:
The first year of peace.  Pockets of resistance remain, but most have fled or gone into hiding to avoid imminent death or enslavement by Thulash or his allies.

The orcs rule supreme, and their allies are the goblins, kobolds, and trolls.  Below ground, the duergar and derro have taken control of what was once the kingdom and realm of the orcs.

4 AI:
There are rumors that the derro and duergar are disgruntled regarding the final choice and the artifacts.  They have captured many gnomish scholars to further research the Xren Codex.

The orc army is the grandest army ever seen in the world of Tienna.  Thulash is concerned about open portals to Allevia, but he rules unchallenged.

Insurgencies among the humans in hiding and other rebels still rise from time to time, but each is crushed with a swift arm.

It is the year 5 AI.  The cities and towns are run by the orc military commandantes.  The hills and forests are not as well kept in check, but orc guards will soon investigate any rumors of rebellious activity.

Humans, elves, and dwarves are relegated to the lowest castes.  They serve their orc masters, and any sign of discontent or contention usually results in a quick orcish trial and a punishment, usually enslavement or death.  These humanoids try to stay out of the way of the orcs and mind their own business.  They hardly remember the glory days of the king's rule, and few will discuss him for fear of punishment.