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03:23, 22nd February 2024 (GMT+0)

Amber: Shadow Wars

Amber: Shadow Wars

Amber: Located at one end of the Universe, the city of Amber is a core of stability and order, built around its castle and the Pattern which gives structure to the fabric of Reality.  The royal family of Amber, under the rulership of King Oberon, and now his son, Random, have become some of the most powerful individuals in existence.

The Courts of Chaos: The antithesis of Amber, the Courts represent disorder and change.  The Lords of Chaos, and the Great Houses have long been enemies of Amber.  The Logrus is the Chaos equivalent of the Pattern.

Shadow: Between these two extremes lie the infinite expanses of Shadow.  Any world which has ever been, or ever could be, imagined exists somewhere in Shadow.  To the inhabitants these worlds are real, but to the people of Amber and Chaos they are mere shadows of those truly real domains.  Shadows are a mixture of the influences of Order and Chaos in infinitely varying degrees and combinations.
But there are things out in Shadow that Amberites and Chaosites cannot begin to imagine, and some of those things have Power...

Two years ago Amber and the Courts fought a war, the Patternfall War.  This conflict cost both sides dearly.  Now they are in the process of rebuilding, and at this worst of all possible times, things are stirring out in Shadow and turning their power-hungry gaze towards Amber and the Courts.

The Shadow Wars are starting...

Amber: Shadow Wars

Shadow Wars is a role-playing campaign, played on RPoL, using the
"Amber Diceless Role-Playing" system, by Phage Press.