• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
3.5 DnD - Guardians of Rosewood
Two years ago Sir Edwin the Shining passed from this world to the heaven reserved by Tyr for his mortal champions.  Tis every day across the vast world of Faerun that heroes are lost but Sir Edwin was no ordinary hero.  Unlike many who posessed his prowess he forsake a life of adventuring instead choosing to protect and caretake the town of Rosewood and so his passing was mourned by all the inhabitants of the town.

Rosewood is a town of hearty folk, not because of breeding or choice, because of necessity.  Situated at the base of the Sunset Mountains it is far from any organized force to offer it protection, and all too near the dangers the mountains and surrounding lands of darkness breed.  It is a town frequented by adventurers too young to value their life, and too daring to seek their fortunes in less mundane walks of life.

For many years Sir Edwin used his might and the blessings of Tyr to hold at bay the evil that lurked around the town.  But alas Sir Edwin had succumbed to his age and passed peacefully in his sleep leaving the town unprotected from the dangers surrounding it.  At first the townsfolk, forgetting just how much Sir Edwin had done in their names, attemped to marshal their own forces to deal with the threats that may come.  They were hearty folk after all.  That ill-conceived plan lasted all of a year and cost the town far too many of its young men.  Neither trained nor seasoned they fell quickly and easily to troll, goblin, and ogre alike.

It is no wonder then that when a small group of adventurers, not the typical young group, but an older, more powerful and accomplished group, arrived one day spreading word that they planned to take up residence and establish a base of operations in the nearby foothills that they were greeted with open arms.  open arms they accepted reluctantly for it seemed they wished to be left alone at first and the frequent well-wishing visits by local officials and commonfolk alike to their growing fortress were met cooly and sometimes even rudely.  One day that all changed however as the groups leader Fulgar met with the Mayor and outlined a plan for the defense of Rosewood, a plan that required only that he and his group be given privacy when requested.  The next day by agreement, and with much relief to the Mayor, a sign was posted at the Red Rose Inn in town.

    [list]The legendary adventurers Fulgar's Five hereby extend an invitation to the hearty and brave who desire training, adventure and riches to present themselves for consideration of duties in the town of Rosewood.

Unbeknownst to the people of Rosewood, similar signs had appeared on the same day on tavern posting boards across Faerun and the first of those intrigued by the offer were just now arriving.