• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • This game contains mature content.
Dragon Warriors: The Pagan Mountains
The town of Ulrikham, an isolated Cornbumbrian settlement in the Pagan Mountains close the Ereworn border, is a frontier town in every sense of the word. The border with Ereworn lies only two dozen miles to the North, and there is a steady stream of trade with that failed state, although given the fact that the two nations are technically at war it is necessarily discreet.

Ulrikham acts as a hub for a score or so mining settlements and half as many logging camps, all within a few days travel. Lumber yards are piled high with felled trees, and the smelting yards and smithies work day and night. Taverns abound, and a constant stream of labourers with coin to spend support the local economy.

Verlane, the current Thane of Ulrikham, is a shrewd leader who values stability and is not afraid to use questionable measures to enforce it. The town militia is well manned and equipped, and offenses against property or public order are harshly dealt with. The True Faith is strong, with Ulrikham Minster in proud possession of several saintly relics that draw pilgrims from far and wide.

The Standing Stone, an ancient tavern near the north gate, is the unofficial meeting point for hired swords and mercenaries of all types, and the first port of call for adventurers in search of paid work. After several days and half a dozen job offers, none of which came to fruition, the party has secured and interview with Harald Druther, an ore merchant with a proposal that seems suited to their talents.