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Welcome to The New X-Men (Marvel Freeform)

03:17, 3rd March 2024 (GMT+0)

The New X-Men (Marvel Freeform)

It is a time of darkness for both Mutant- and Human-kind.

3 and a half years ago, mutant leaders were drawn to Genosha in an effort to build a union following the unexplained and sudden demise of Professor Charles Xavier. During the summit a terrible tragedy occurred and the island nation was entirely destroyed.

In the following weeks, other figureheads of mutant rights and icons of leadership died or went missing.  In a power vacuum, the remaining mutant community retaliated, rioting and rebelling and forcing the Government to put several cities under martial law.  A private security company, the Monolith Group,was brought in to quell the uprisings. Unfortunately, over the next 3 years abuse their Federal mandate to implement a reign of terror in several major US cities. Control, isolation, detention and fear are their tools as they begin systematic crackdowns on both the human and mutant populations. Their rule is nearly absolute, protected from unknown power in the Government and nearly immune from any sort of retribution.

That is, until small victories in Detroit, MI lead a team of mutants together. And together the victories mount until Detroit is freed of the Monolith threat - though at a deadly and costly price.

The City stands, now, nearly in ruins, but as a growing beacon of hope for resistance against the Monolith threat and their powerful overlords. Mutants and humans alike gather to the cause, allies once thought lost are beginning to come back into the light, and allies from realms more unusual than ever before considered are beginning to join the fight.

This may not just be a battle for Earth, but for all Earths - indeed, all existence.

This is a freeform game combining elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with in-game connections to the DC universe. It is a cross-over, of sorts, with a focus on Marvel, the MCU and a modified X-Men history with players taking on the role of non-canon characters from both comic settings.