• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
RoA: One-Shots and Orphanage
The orphanage is a place for region-less PCs to place their Biographies.  Please note if you are willing to play in a One-Shot adventure here while waiting for a spot to open for your PC.  Playing in a One-Shot adventure will not interfere with a true game should an opening arise.  You will be able to begin playing in that game as soon as the DM is ready for you while you concurrently finish out the adventure here.  All XP/treasure will be applied to your PC.  Characters may die within the One-Shot adventure at the same risks as if in a regular game.

Keep in mind this board exists as an emergency option for characters without a game.  This is meant to be a filler, a place to be involved as a player without actually being in a game.  You keep what you get here but this is not the place to rely on your character's development.

Taverns are available for you to openly RP.  When one fills up, another one opens.  When accepted into this game, you will be directed to an open tavern.  Be sure to post there and not one of the closed *full* ones.