• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • This game contains adult content.
Crown of the Shadowmage
A fantasy game set in the world of Gaiana, circa. 1465

A shadow has descended upon the world of Gaiana. The Queen of Death, slain long ago by Kuros, has returned, and enslaved the proud people of Pandarat. From the ashes of the kingdom has emerged a new land of tyranny, Vancumar. Her empire is expanding, and slowly the lands of the heirs of kuros are succumbing to the Darkness.

Yes there is hope, for the Elves and the men of Parzifica have a plan, one that may end the rein of the Death Queen forever.
Unfortunately, that plan involves Prince Theos, heir to the Empires of Atleantea and Antillia, and all-round coward..........