• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
(WHRP2) Cruor Sanguinis
Fog and mist rise off the bog to the south and flow out over the city and the waters at the mouth of the Sea of Claws. Ships sail under the grand ache that gives access to the richest, wealthiest city in the Old World. A city not part of the Empire or Bretonnia. A city unlike the Sigmarite city of Altdorf or the city of the wolf - Middenheim. The cults of the wolf and the hammer are not unknown here but their power is a mere shadow to the power of the cult of the Lord of the Deep.

Marienburg is a city of mystery to most. But not you. For you have grown up here in the city at the edge of the rest of the world. You know the streets and the canals and the guild masters.

There are people from every country in the known world and possibly some unknown who reside here. Spice merchants from Hind. Silk dealers from far Cathay. An entire district of the island city is home to Sea Elves.

Treasures from Lustria arrive at the docks alongside ships from far Araby. Every language is spoken on the wharf and in the guild halls of the city. The richest people of the Old World live here.


Their journey has taken them from the docks of Marienburg, to the plague infested city of Moussillon, to the courts of the Pirate Kings, and hidden slave fortress of the the Dark Dwarves, to and beyond the the hidden continent of Naggaroth and all the way to the druchii towers along the Chaos Wastelands.

During their escape from slavery they were ensnarred by the God Loec in a maze designed to trap a mad demon. They have travelled to the underworld and faced the Dead Gods armies. The Underworld, a Plain of Ash and Despair, where the power of the gods can not reach. And it is here that the Dread Lord Vasagros, Champion of Nagash, rallies his forces to march against the lands of men. With the assistance of Tzeentch they were able to steal the Dreaded Chariot of Khaine and only through him they were able to return to Marienburg.

Nagash's Champion, Vasagros, leads the Cult of the Twisted Tree and will soon open a gateway to Nagaroth for the armies of the Druchii will walk unhindered onto into the lands of men

The leader of the escaped slaves is a man named Jannes Osterwick. Captain Osterwick is the Chosen Champion of Manann and for over a year has fought through Khaine cults, Slaanesh cults, pirate and slaver lords, revealed a deeply hidden cult of Slaanesh within the Druchii Empire even as a slave and come face to face with the Final Breath, the creature destined to devour the world.

Captain Osterwick is joined by champions of Ranald, Verena, Morngrim, Khaine and even Tzeentch to stop the evil machinations of Slaanesh and the Lord of the Underworld, Nagash, who have joined together in a plot to seize both worlds.

Captain Osterwick is like a storm held in check only by his first mate, a beautiful Sea Elven Storm Bringer of Mathlann and his trusted adviser a Knight-Captain of Verena.

They battle against chaos within and without. Efrim, Chosen of Tzeentch, witch and demonologist or worse. Only a warlock of Tzeentch can breach the barrier for them to gain their freedom from Naggaroth and possibly the Underworld. Efrim is also believed to become the world ending creature known to them as the Final Breath. Efrim is destined to become the demon they encountered in the Maze of Loec.

A simple crew of stevedores chosen by the gods to stop the most insidious and vile cult ever to have existed, the Cult of the Twisted Tree has its roots buried deeply into the Druchii, the High Elves and the Empires of Men. If the Cult of the Twisted Tree isn't stopped the world will disappear into a fiendish blood bath of slavery to Slaanesh and those who perish will only fuel the Armies of Nagash.