• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • This game contains mature content.
Star Wars: Knaves' Peril (Saga Edition)
Star Wars: Knaves' Peril

It has been five years since the Clone Wars ended and the Galactic Empire was forged from the ashes of the Republic by Emperor Palpatine. While the Empire seems monolithic, even the Imperial Fleet can not patrol every space lane. The Inquisitorius can not locate every Force-sensitive. For many in the Galaxy, life has continued, with minor interruptions, just as it always has.

In particular, the criminal element thrives. Various organized crime syndicates have risen throughout the galaxy. Imperial officials are just as happy to take bribes as were the Republic officials. Indeed, the only change has been the faces. Under the Empire, they are almost always humans.

A host of crime lords leading hordes of criminals seek to disrupt their rivals and establish their own place amongst the notables of the underworld. In this climate, there is always danger, which means there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious individuals. Today's con-artist is tomorrow's criminal mastermind. Advancement is limited only by creativity and ruthlessness.

Many beings who might otherwise eschew these dark dealings find themselves indebted to aspiring Crime Lords. The unlucky gambler, the stranded noble, the veteran soldier, even perhaps the hunted Jedi, these are the tools that could find their way into the hands of the right criminal.

On Nar Shaddaa, one such hopeful crime lord, Jaerad Kienaan is actively recruiting agents. His sole enterprise, for the moment, is the Queen of Air & Darkness, a casino which caters to the uppercrust of the Smuggler's Moon. Kienaan has plans, though, big plans.