• This game is under the Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
Tales of Two: New Beginnings
Tales of Two: New Beginnings is a continuance of an old game that has faded off into the mists of time and will be sorely missed by all its players. It had a wonderful run with a brilliant group of writers that we hope to continue.

So what is Tales of Two for those you who are unfamiliar with the game?

The purpose of Tales of Two is to create and weave cooperative round robin stories between two people in a friendly and pleasant freeform environment (Though systems may be used).  Some with erotic/romantic subtext and some without.  Anything you can think of is welcome. From an epic fantasy story to a gritty Sci-Fi drama. We're looking for all sorts!