• This game has been marked for deletion.
Sitting in the midst of a bucolic vale, the once sleepy Village of Melford is beset by fear!

A crossroads community, Melford has long been the destination of merchants intent on acquiring the rare silks produced less than a day’s journey to the west, and of pilgrims traveling to a great holy site some few miles to the north.

For many years it was a peaceful place gone mostly unnoticed by the wide world without, but recently a cloud has begun to form shrouding the vale in dread.  The villagers are growing anxious and some speak in hushed tones of stealthy creatures stalking the forest and bat-like creatures flying through the night.

The arrival of a merchant caravan recently robbed of a chest of coins earmarked for silks further adds to the disquiet, and many nod knowingly that the ‘spirits are at it again…’

Adventurers, it was your caravan that was robbed some two nights past, though there were few enough clues to determine what truly happened.  Adding to your chagrin, you were each fired by the merchant leader upon his discovery of the theft (though not before a thorough search of your belongings…).  Now you find yourself dragging into Melford with little beyond the cloak on your backs, your weapons and a few silvers clinking around in your belt pouches.  With a glance around your collective stomachs drop…you wonder truly if there will be another opportunity left for you in this rustic setting…

The Melford Campaign is a 1ed/OSRIC adventure for characters beginning at 1st level.  Note: it is a campaign, not an adventure so advancement is (and should be!) expected for those hardy enough to survive the early levels.

A special thanks goes to the staff at Dragonsfoot, and the authors of the Melford Adventures!