• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
RoA 2: Adventures
Well met, traveller. Welcome to the Realms Of Adventure.

Realms Of Adventure (or RoA as we like to call it) is a community of play-by-post games all set in and around the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. We use the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition rules, or 3.0 for stuff that hasn't been updated. Our version of the Forgotten Realms is set in the year 1375 DR (mostly in the summer, fall or winter) and lately 1376 DR, in the classic world of adventure and intrigue and heroics. This is long before the Spellplague and other catastrophes strike, and we likely shall not be going along with that event.

RoA is basically a number of play-by-post Forgotten Realms games combined into one. If you have only played D&D on tabletop with friends, imagine playing in a really big room with tables upon tables of other gaming groups. Each table has its own DM, its own set of players and PCs, and each is running through their own region of the Forgotten Realms, playing their own adventures. The advantage is that we can help each other out when times are tough, give advice, and rescue each other's games or players rather than let them die out.

Here, different DMs run their own adventures in their own lands of Faern, entirely independently yet part of a larger world. News and rumours and shared events may appear from time to time. PCs may travel from region to region and explore the world and meet other PCs. Think of it as like an MMORPG, only much slower and without the computer graphics. It's a fun and enjoyable community that has lasted for over ten and is still going strong.

If you wish to have your character move on, then you may apply to another DM for a transfer into their region. You may do this if your DM vanishes or retires, or if you just want a change of scenery. If a DM does leave, then we head DMs will endeavour to find a replacement to take-over, preferably continuing the current adventure. Unlike independent games elsewhere on RPoL, your character is not left in the lurch when a GM quits; they may continue their story and have a much longer life-span, with no need to rebuild.

In the "Adventures" boards, we host the various groups of PCs who travel across regions of Faern in search of fame, fortune, treasure, justice, and daring do!

To join, simply go to the RoA: OOC Forum (link to another game) and Request to Join there. You'll find further information there.

Groups & Regions in Realms of Adventure 2 are:
  • 1: The North [Moved to RoA 5]
  • 2: The Dragon Coast Closed
  • 3: The Moonsea [Moved to RoA 3]
  • 4: Tethyr Closed
  • 5: The Underdark Closed
  • 6: The Bloodstone Lands Closed
  • 7: The Vast DM BadCatMan
  • 8: Calimshan Closed